Rachael Bellis

Rachael Bellis is the Artistic Director of Aequitas Theatre Company where she has written, directed, and performed in shows from Shakespeare to Brecht. Aequitas was started in 2015 and creates inclusive work with a view to making a difference in casting practices in the industry.

Rachael began her career by training at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she earned a BFA with merit before moving to the UK. She then worked across the Eastern US performing in plays including the Vagina Monologues at Open Stage of Harrisburg and Independence in New York. She quickly moved into Shakespeare and has since played a number of roles including Lucio in Measure for Measure, Nerissa in Merchant of Venice, and Rosalind in a showcase version of As You Like it. She is currently playing Rodrigo in Othello with Quirkspace theatre.


Rachael is also foraying into musical theatre, having performed with Anything Goez in their Showcase Showdown multiple times and regularly performs at events around London.Last year Rachael began her directing career at the Jack Studio Theatre, directing Fear and Misery of the Third Reich. She has just finished directing the critically acclaimed Antigone, a version with a cast of three that was set in Durham during the Miner’s Strike. She also adapted the version. She is set to direct Day By Day Etc. by Mimi J. Brooks in the new year.

With Aequitas, Rachael has written several shows including Conversations from the Web (2015) and What’s Your Issue (2016) in collaboration with Tom Hartwell, both of which appeared in the Camden Fringe. She is currently working on a play about mental health which will be out by 2020.Rachael is committed to work that makes a statement and her preference is political theatre. The question she comes back to is “why this play—why now?” and her aim is to make inclusive work that speaks with voices across the industry. Aequitas’s next season is “The Identity Season” which will launch at some point next year after a much-needed period of fundraising. It will explore voices which are not often heard, particularly female ones and show who we are.


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