What am I applying for?


Accalia Arts Festival is an inclusive, female-led festival which will be running in Fringe and creative venues across London in June 2019. If your application is successful you will be offered a London Venue for a single date in June.


Why Fringe Venues?


Accalia Arts will take place in a variety of venues from creative spaces to pub venues in an effort to give the opportunity to as many female creatives as possible to get involved. This is also to engage with alternative venues for further festivals and venue use. Venues will be announced from 18th March.


Am I applying to manage a venue or pitching my own show?


This is completely up to you! We want to engage as many companies and creatives as possible which is why our guidelines may seem vague. If you are a Theatre Company who run's scratch nights we'd love to hear from you, or are you wanting to try out a one-woman show, get in touch. Each submission will receive a response and if successful we will offer you a venue and date. The reason we say Venue Manager is because we will also be working with film, comedy and panels so the word producer may not be relevant.


Is there a submission fee?


NO! The money to fund this festival was raised by a community to support female work and we aim to support you without asking you to contribute further.


Will I get Paid?


The artist/company will receive 80% of the Box Office. We have negotiated a split across the festival with 10% going to charity and any further profits being re-invested to support further festivals. Some venues are working on a split basis and in those occasions we will be covering the venue costs with the festival funds so that we can maximise the artists' pay.


What will be included in the offer to run a night/event?


An event time at a specific venue that the team feel is most suited to your work, entry into the festival brochure and the inclusion in the debut Accalia Arts festival at no venue hire cost to yourself/company.

Will I be responsible for marketing my own show?

Yes - we will include your event within our promotion and marketing strategy however individual event promotion will be the responsibility of the company/individual.


Why the cartoon character question?


Filling in applications can be stressful and cause anxiety we wanted to lighten up the process and gauge your creativity at the same time.


Are the team being paid?


All the members of the Accalia Arts team are working as volunteers to enable the future of the festival. Please be respectful of this when engaging with the team.


What will the £11,000 be spent on?


Funds raised by the GoFundMe campaign will be used to cover venue costs, festival marketing - this does not include individual event promotion however individual shows will be included across our marketing, technical costs and further festivals. A full breakdown of spending will be available to contributors after the festival once all fees have been paid. The ultimate goal to secure a female-led creative space on a permanent basis.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to drop us a line at

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