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Accalia Arts

Accalia Arts was born out of a campaign to buy Theatre Royal Haymarket, which raised over £11,000 on GoFundMe, will facilitate an inclusive female-led festival across several venues, genres, and communities.

The campaign, started on the BOSSY Facebook forum after a spur of the moment comment from Natalie Durkin to crowdfund to buy a theatre. It captured the recent surge of female energy and global unrest, in the wake of #timesup,  #metoo, #yearofthewoman, Black Lives Matter - and a whole host of intersectional activism world wide. In just a few short hours the campaign had hit national news, radio and raised close to £6,000 on its first day. Theatre Royal Haymarket was sold for £45million, and the decision was made to use the funds to benefit the community that raised them.


The ultimate dream for Accalia Arts is to create a safe, inclusive and positive arts space within the heart of creative industry. The hope is to use profits generated from the festival to secure a permanent venue for female-led work.

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